Lexaria Bioscience Corp. Discusses The Importance of New Subsidiaries and Intellectual Property with Uptick Newswire’s Stock Day Podcast

Intellectual Property with Uptick Newswire’s Stock Day Podcast

PHOENIX, Oct. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (OTCQX: LXRP) (CSE: LXX) (the “Company” or “Lexaria”) is a drug delivery platform innovator that has developed and out-licenses its disruptive delivery technology that promotes healthier ingestion methods, lower overall dosing and higher effectiveness of lipophilic active molecules. Chairman of the Board & CEO, Chris Bunka talked with Stock Day’s Everett Jolly about the state of the company.

Right off the top Jolly asked his returning guest for an update on licenses and technology. Bunka said they had hoped and planned that 2018 would be their busiest year ever and so far, it’s shaped up that way.

“We now have close to a half dozen licensees in Canada and the United States for our technology,” explained Bunka. “We’ve always been organized as a business to business company and we have a number of companies in Colorado, California, Canada, and elsewhere who are now paying us to use our DehydraTECH™ technology.”

He then told Jolly that while it is legal to use cannabis in Canada, edibles are not included in the new regulations and that legislation may be over a year away.

“It’s pretty remarkable that we already have Canadian companies paying us to do research with formulating with our technology for products that will not be available for another 6 to 12 months in Canada.”

Bunka explained that Lexaria is growing through the licensees and is gaining access to more customers in more locations. Jolly then mentioned that the company has a growing portfolio of patents, he wanted to know how shareholders will benefit from the intellectual technology.

“Lexaria has been somewhat of a pioneer in this aspect of the business. We have been beating the drum on intellectual property since we began in 2014,” said Bunka. “We now have over 50 patents outstanding in over 40 countries around the world. Our IP suite is one of the biggest and strongest in the industry.”

Bunka went on to say that Lexaria is second or third in the world for cannabis IP, but it’s not always about being large, being early counts for a lot.

“Timing is everything, we are one of the pioneers in the cannabis sector and we think the quantity and the timing of our intellectual property will be a differentiator for us.”

He then said that Lexaria went on to create 4 different subsidiary companies in 2018 so each company can focus on their respected area of business, which are, hemp, nicotine, cannabis, and pharmaceutical.

“Each one of our subsidiary companies has been empowered through exclusive licensing arraignments with our parent company to be able to offer our broad intellectual property suite to their respective customers,” explained Bunka

Jolly then turned the conversation to the market cap. He said their market cap was above $100 million, he asked Bunka how he expects to catch up to the market cap.

“Our revenues are increasing,” he said, “It is growing. People need to realize that our revenue creation is really closely in tuned with our IP portfolio development. So, it’s hard to convince a company that should pay for our intellectual property if we don’t have it patent protected.”

He then explained that the awarding of patents actually works hand-in-hand with their revenue generation.

To hear the entire interview, listen to the podcast here: https://upticknewswire.com/ceo-chris-bunka-of-lexaria-bioscience-corp-otcqx-lxrp/

About Lexaria

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. has developed and out-licenses its disruptive delivery technology that promotes healthier ingestion methods, lower overall dosing and higher effectiveness of lipophilic active molecules. Lexaria has multiple patents pending in over 40 countries around the world and has patents granted in the USA and in Australia for utilization of its DehydraTECHTM delivery technology. Lexaria’s technology provides increases in intestinal absorption rates; more rapid delivery to the bloodstream; and important taste-masking benefits, for orally administered bioactive molecules including cannabinoids, vitamins, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), nicotine and other molecules.

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