Liht Cannabis Corp. Taking Measures to Ensure Cannabis Quality and Yield

Liht Cannabis Corp. (CSE: LIHT) (OTCQX: LIHTF) (FSE: 2M0) (“Liht”) or the “Company”) would like to provide supplemental information on how the Company intends to deal with quality assurance and shortages of cannabis in Canada, post-prohibition. Within this news release, the Company will provide our current and prospective shareholders with the steps and measures we will be taking to ensure product quality and cultivation yield.

Liht has researched product quality and yield related issues facing cannabis cultivators to aid in the development of our own methodology of growing organic cannabis that meet patients’ medical needs.

Our facilities are monitored by a series of state-of-the-art computers controlling molecular and environment reading technologies that allow the operators to “communicate” with the plants and control the growing conditions needed for each plant. This reduces the level of human error involved in the growing process.

The Company utilizes a unique lighting technology that encourages the plants own natural chemical resistance to fighting off pests and diseases. This is achieved through the adjustment of the lighting spectrum instead of through the utilization of chemicals. Our “lighting recipe” can be altered to introduce additional specific spectrums which will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew without hindering the plant development.


Through photomorphogenics, a “stage of life” control for plants giving us the ability to differentiate plant “stem cells”‘ without the use of chemicals, we will be able to control internodal (branching) spacing and overall structure of the plant. This helps us predict and control the quality of flower, the timing of harvest, the curing process post-harvest, and genetic expressions during growth. The system suppresses negative genes and enhances the environment for positive traits.

Photomorphogenics will work together with a proprietary testing and quality assurance technology known as the S5 Microscopic Spectroscopy Analysis and S5 Biochip technology. The technology is a highly accurate, fully-integrated, non-invasive and non-destructive testing platform providing the highest resolution testing available. Typical testing requires reliance on dead plant matter while the S5 Microscopic Spectroscopy Analysis and Biochip technology tests living material and monitors plant development down to a cellular level.

The technology defines nutrient and hormone needs and the timing of delivery of each, respectively, and alerts operators of any stress in the plant caused by contaminants. This provides early detection of pests, disease or fungus and identifies the perpetrators.  The S5 Microscopic Spectroscopy Analysis and S5 Biochip technology will then incorporate interactive mitigation techniques with evidentiary support documenting how and when mitigation of that specific case of pest/disease/fungus was achieved.

We have the ability to identify each plant genetically at a cellular level, allowing incorporation of our proprietary tamper-proof holographic labelling for each plant. As we can monitor from seed to harvest, we will have the ability to identify the most productive plants for cloning which will help us achieve manufacturing of perfected seed cells.

This technology gives us the ability to produce mature plants, shortening cultivation cycles while producing exact replication of successful strains.

In closing, the aforementioned growing methods and technologies help us determine what metrics will provide for consistent and optimum crop quality and yield, early seed germination, earlier crop harvest, increases and escalation of valuable oils, strain purity and optimization of hybrid methods for rapid deployment to harvest. Liht’s growing technologies are not limited to the technologies mentioned in this article and the Company is dedicated to research and ongoing development of its cultivation processes. 

“Being an established Industrial Engineer with years of hands on research and development, I have direct access to unique resources and technologies, from technology leaders who have paved the way and have set the standards which all other corporations then follow.

My expertise in ago-sciences and the associated technologies allows me to provide Liht with the greatest understanding of how to best apply well suited products, technologies and systems to reduce unnecessary time and resources on trial and error research.

The single greatest advantage in business is having the correct people who are integral to the overall vision and its successful conclusion.” Josef Tyls M.Sc., Ph.D Ind.Eng., Liht Management Advisory Board