Louisville Company Flavorman Experiments With CBD-Infused Pre-Made Cocktails

Written by: Jessica Bard – WDRB

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A Louisville beverage company could soon put Cannabidiol in your cocktail.


Flavorman is experimenting with CBD-infused pre-made cocktails, such as a CBD Old Fashioned or Manhattan. The beverage applications lab has well-known clients including Jones Soda Co. and Ocean Spray. The Company’s COO, Aaron Parker, would not disclose which client called for the CBD cocktails, but he said Flavorman scientists have been mixing the drinks for years preparing for the cocktails to hit the shelves.


The hold up, according to Parker, is with the Tax and Trade Bureau.


“They want to know the actual amount of alcohol in it so they can tax it accordingly,” Parker said. “That’s one of the reasons they’ve had trouble getting these products in [stores], because they haven’t been approved yet for use. I think a lot of legislators are getting on board with it right now, so hopefully soon.”

CBD in a cocktail tastes similar to hops in your craft beer, according to Parker, and it makes him feel calm and relaxed. Others could feel different effects.


“We’ve had people working here on development work for the products that think it’s a great anti-inflammatory,” Parker said. “So it helps with some of the joint and muscle pain. They feel like is being alleviated somewhat.”


The effects vary person to person, according to New Albany’s Seeds and Greens Natural Market and Deli owner and CBD advocate Stacey Freibert.


That’s why she recommends starting “slow and low” or with a small daily dose of CBD when trying it for the first time.

“We recommend here that you start with anywhere from two to three milligrams your first dose,” Freibert said.


Seeds and Greens already offers CBD Oil on its smoothie menu, because Freibert said there are several health benefits such as managing anxiety, Parkinson’s Disease, pain and inflammation.


“We have it as an add-in just like a plant protein to any smoothie,” Freibert said. “CBD is another option.”