Pax Partners with Green Peak Innovations to Bring Cannabis Vaporizers to Michigan

LANSING, MICH —January 10, 2019—PRESS RELEASE—Anticipating final approval of their 60,000-square-foot cultivation and processor facility, Lansing-based Green Peak Innovations (GPI) signed one of the state’s first partnership agreements with industry leader and premium vaporizer company, PAX Labs.

PAX offers the industry award-winning cannabis loose leaf and extract vaporizers. GPI will sell PAX Era vaporizers as well as PAX Era pods filled with GPI’s own premium quality medical cannabis extract in several varieties.

“We are extremely excited about the collaboration between two best-in-class cannabis companies,” said Joe Neller, Green Peaks Innovation EVP of business development. “PAX vaporizers are a perfect partner for our brand. Their technology is unmatched and will give Michigan patients the ability to control dosing of their medication produced in our world class facility.”

The partnership will be launched by GPI Director of Wholesale Sunni Marsden, who helped PAX enter the Colorado market during her time with The Clinic. “I am very excited to bring a company like PAX to Michigan’s emerging market,” said Marsden. “We have learned much from the Colorado experience and will work to create a lasting partnership to serve the patients here.”

In July, Green Peak Innovations received pre-qualification by the LARA Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation for a full vertical suite of medical marijuana licenses including 12 class C cultivation licenses, one processor license and 19 provisioning center licenses. GPI was awarded two class C cultivation licenses in October at their Lansing facility and ten class C cultivation licenses in December at their Harvest Park facility. They anticipate launching their processor license in February.