The Hydroponics Company Provides First Australian Patients with Endoca CBD Products

The Hydroponics Company Limited, to be renamed THC Global Group Limited (subject to shareholder approval), THC Global or the Company, has commenced supply of Endoca CBD products to its first Australian patients.

Through completion of this supply, THC Global has verified its supply line from manufacturer through to patient under federal Authorised Prescriber and Special Access Schemes as well as relevant state regulations.

THC Global is currently importing four products from Endoca’s range, being its CBD oil in 3% and 15% concentrations, and Endoca’s unique CBD+CBDa oils also in 3% and 15% concentrations.

The Company is building patient and prescriber awareness, including sponsoring educational events to highlight the benefits of treatment with medicinal cannabis and the pathways to access product in Australia. As awareness increases within the domestic market, THC Global expects to see corresponding increases in revenue generating product sales.

THC Global continues to accelerate plans to deliver the highest quality, fully compliant GMP product that is suitable for both the domestic and export markets and aims to launch proprietary manufactured medicinal cannabis products in 2019.

Documentation which doctors and other prescribers can use to assist in prescribing Endoca’s products in Australia under the Authorised Prescriber Scheme and Special Access Schemes can be accessed by registering on the Medicinal Cannabis Medicines Portal ( Enquiries can be directed to THC Global’s medical outreach team at

THC Global’s Chief Executive Officer, Ken Charteris, commented:

“The ability to secure supply of high-quality GMP certified medicinal cannabis products to domestic patients is a key bridge to implementation of THC Global’s ‘Farm to Pharma’ model.

We continue to build out our domestic infrastructure in Australia under our ‘Farm to Pharma’ model – research, growing, manufacture and supply.”