Highwater Financial, LLC

The team at Highwater Financial is dedicated to bringing our readers the most up-to-date and relevant news, commentary, and investment developments within the cannabis industry each day.  We publish two newsletters every weekday – The Highwater Chronicle and the Highwater Business Daily.

The Highwater Chronicle

Highwater Chronicle, an email sent each morning with links to the most important and relevant news developments over the past 24 hours covering industry trends, company developments, political changes, and advancements.  Sourced from a multitude of cannabis news sources, these emails provide diversified opinions and views as to the progress of the industry.


Highwater Business Daily

Highwater Business Daily is an investment and opportunity focused newsletter providing investors with hedge fund style incite of whats happening in the cannabis markets, worldwide, each morning.  The letter, distributed each business day by 7:30 am (EST) (12:30 GMT), addresses economic, political, and technical trends and analysis from both short-term and long-term perspectives as to potential profitable investment opportunities as they surface.